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Max 1 NFT type per wallet. Price 500-1500 MATIC + gasMINT IS LIVE UNTIL OCT 2022
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    Mint Your Services

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Founded in 2016, we are a modern Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on Creative Media and Digital Marketing.

The services we offer our clients are the same services we offer our NFT holders: Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Paid Marketing, App Design, and eCommerce


bithu nft aboutReal Services

Business Owners benefit by seeing real world results in their business performance.

bithu nft aboutLifetime Benefits

Benefits for the lifetime of the token holder, even after the intial consult period expires.

bithu nft aboutUtility Evolution

NFT's are meant to be long term, so we are constantly evolving the utility that comes with the NFT.

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What are the Benefits?

Initial Consulting
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At mint, you are entitled to 12 hours of consulting by our Agency which is redeemable until the end of the mint year as indicated in the metadata.

Discord Membership
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You get immediate access to our discord server for direct access to our co founders and specialists, as well as the latest Digital Marketing news.

Discounted Services
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Did we mention we are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency? Your NFT gives you access to our discounted tier pricing on all services for your business.

Discounted Future Drops & Whitelisting
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When it's time to renew, not only are you already on the whitelist, but you get to renew your consulting at a discounted rate putting you ahead of the competition.

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Maybe one month we're feeling generous and decide to create content for your business, or one of our Videographers are in the area and stop by for a free film. It's all part of your benefits for having an Agency in your Pocket

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Joseph Pellegrino

Co-Founder/Chief Engineer

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Rick McDonald

Co-Founder/Chief Media Officer

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